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Create a unique identity for your Lafayette business or organization. Our team does not only create great-looking visuals, we lead your business to success. Start your graphic design in Lafayette La +

What is story behind your business?

How your brand is perceived in the public is very essential to the success of your business. It is something that needs to be done well, thought out to ensure your brand is communicated the best to your customers. When you work with us on your logo, we will bring to the table years of industry experience with a focus on your business goals. See us as your partners in laying the strong foundation for your successful business.

Beautiful Graphic Design in Lafayette LA that is memorable

“Is my logo my brand?” This is one of the most common questions we get all the time, and the simple answer is no! Your logo is part of your brand but it is not the brand. Your brand is how you describe and talk about yourself to your customers and how they also perceive you. Unfortunately, you do not have complete control over how others perceive you but you can paint a great image about yourself into their minds, and this is where DigitalChores’s graphic design in Lafayette LA comes in.

Our sole purpose is to help you create the visual identity for your brand that people will never forget.

If I ask you to think about popular brands, their logo is usually the first thing that comes to mind, right? We all know the McDonald’s “M”, Google’s colors, and the Adidas three stripes. Staying top of mind is one of the most powerful uses of a logo design.

The origin of the word “logo” is from “logogram”, which means “a written or pictorial symbol intended to represent a whole word”. In essence, your logo is the word or symbol that represents your brand.

We work with all types of businesses

We have partnered with 100+ small businesses, non profits, startups in all sizes and industries to create a memorable identify for them. No matter what stage of the business you are in, DigitalChores is ready to work with you to create a unique logo and brand identity that your customers are going to love to show off.
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next steps for your graphic design in Lafayette La


Send us a message, and schedule a free 30-minute conversation so that we can learn more about your business and understand all your branding objectives.


After our initial conversation, we will create a tailored proposal with our branding strategy, pricing quote to allow DigitalChores to begin growing your business.


We will work together from start to finish. No one knows YOUR business better than YOU, so our job is to help you amplify your message to your audience in an efficient manner.

Professional Logo Design Services

Honestly, you could just have your nephew or anyone throw something together for you as your logo, but the truth is you will not be happy and will not gain from it in the long run. Yes, it could look good, but it will not truly represent your brand, and before long you will be searching for a professional touch. At this stage it will cost you more to create your identity because you have to go back and update your marketing materials to align with your identity.

We want you to avoid this! We will work with you side by side to come up with an identity that will help you stand out from the competition. We will design a logo that will be the talk of the town, and have your customers feel very proud for associating with you.

For a powerful graphic design in Lafayette LA, you really need a professional logo designer to partner with. Contact DigitalChores to learn more about how our logo design services can help you succeed out there.

And oh, we do not only help you create an amazing logo, we can also help you create a Lafayette website design that attracts the people you care about.

Ready to grow your graphic design in Lafayette LA?

We love hearing about unique and interesting logo design project in Shreveport, and can not wait for the opportunity to have a conversation with you.

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