Here’s How To Access Gmail Offline

No internet? No problem, you can still access your Gmail offline!

Popular email platform Gmail has now introduced a novel way for you to access your emails even during times when you’re experiencing an internet downtime.

How does Gmail offline work?

The app will create an offline repository for your emails so in case there’s no internet, one can at least refer to previous conversations as and when necessary. 

The feature won’t be activated automatically though. Users will have to go ahead and enable it themselves in the settings, in case they wish to have access to their emails without internet connectivity too.  

It is also important to note that with this feature, users would only get the ability to access previous emails. Users can’t send emails without the internet. Moreover, this feature will only work for users on Google Chrome, so other browser users might want to make the switch.

How to enable Gmail offline

  1. On Google Chrome, head to
  2. After signing into your Gmail account, click on the Settings icon (the option that looks like a Cogwheel).
  3. Click on ‘See All Settings’.
gmail offline settings
  1. On the ‘All Settings’ page, click on the ‘Offline’ tab.
  2. Under this menu, click on ‘Enable offline mail’ by clicking on the checkbox. 
  3. After clicking the checkbox, Gmail will show new settings that will offer you options like selecting the number of days of email you wish to sync with your Gmail. (This option will also show you the amount of remaining space left in your computer, while also giving you the option of storing the offline data on the PC as well as deleting it from there.) 
  4. After selecting between keeping or removing offline data, click on ‘Save Changes
gmail offline on mac

That’s it! You have just enabled offline Gmail on your computer. If you have questions about enabling your Gmail offline on mac, android, or any device, feel free to contact us.


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