Work Process

A great team workflow keeps everyone on the same page, avoids frustration and allow the team to focus.

We spent years working smart to perfect and optimize the best possible way to deliver great results to you. All projects, no matter how big or small are subjected to a skilled project planning and management throughout the lifecycle of the project.

Whether we are building a website, mobile app or a software. Our process is structured so that you have complete oversight every step of the way.

Work Process

web design process steps
Meet & Learn

We like to get to know you first.

In doing so, we start by having you complete a Discovery Questionnaire to give us a better idea about what exactly you are thinking. Show us websites that inspires you, and provide us with goals or target conversions, so we can design and develop to execute your strategy. If you are local in the Lafayette area, we love to meet you in person.
local website design requirements
Discuss Project Details

What are the requirements?

After receiving the Discovery Questionnaire from you, we will begin discussing and fleshing out all details of your project. This helps us to provide you with a project plan and pricing estimate.
local website design proposal
Submit Proposal

The project is assessed thoroughly and a proposal is prepared.

After we have a great understanding of what the project needs are, we prepare a proposal for your approval. The proposal will capture technical requirements, project scope, and costs. The proposal can be updated as and when the need arises during the course of the project.
website design project plan
Project Plan

How exactly are we going to deliver your project?

We will develop a project plan that outlines tasks for all phases of the project including planning, design, construction, beta, and launch. It will outline the start date, end date, status, and the resources or organization responsible for each task. The project plan is a living document and will be updated during the project. You will see highlights of the updates in the weekly status emails.
local website design service

It is time to see and feel, let the creative juices flow.

We will begin work on the design concept. We will share a design for the homepage and a selected interior page, or two. This will give you an opportunity to be sure that our vision is matching yours, or we hope even exceeding it!
local website development
Beta Site Development

Yes, you did it! A huge milestone is cleared.

This is the part we bring everything to life while you sit back and focus on the plan to announce your website to the world. We will be sending you weekly updates on how thing are progressing every Friday evening. Of course, we touch base in between that, if we need clarity and decision from you.
User Testing

One very important step for you to do.

After our internal functionality, browser and responsive testing, we will give you access to your beta site so you can review and note any changes that need to be made to ensure the designs and project requirements have been met.
local website launch

CONGRATULATIONS! It is time for the world to see your vision.

Final testing completed, and all bugs resolved. We are ready for lift off as all systems are ready to go. Files and database will be deployed to your live environment. If training is required, it will be conducted here along with all project documentations. CONGRATULATIONS again on your new website! Cheers to more business growth!

local website support and maintenance
Post-launch Support

Of course, we will not leave you all by yourself.

We will help you to keep your website up-to-date, manage and maintain it for you while you focus on what really matters for your business. This is the piece-of-mind phase

Ready to grow your business?

We love hearing about unique and interesting projects, and can not wait for the opportunity to have a conversation with you.
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