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We build your online store using WooCommerce or Shopify with one priority in mind – making it easy and stress-free for your customers to buy from you. We use research, beautiful and user-friendly design, eCommerce SEO, best coding practices, product branding, and messaging to make sure your customers have a premium shopping experience every time.

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Our Lafayette-based eCommerce experts will produce super-fast, secured, modern websites that are designed to give your customers the best experience. An online store implemented the right way is a great way to increase your bottom line, and manage inventory even in your sleep. We build custom eCommerce solutions, which means you can design your online store, exactly how you have dreamt it.

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Why eCommerce WordPress?

Our eCommerce Website Design & Development Services​ ensures that you are getting a piece of the $4.9 trillion global eCommerce sales. At DigitalChores, we will provide you with a beautiful website that helps you sell more. Message clarity and, high-quality modern website design will guarantee results and helps you attract visitors to your online store.

We deliver quality websites on par with the leading industry eCommerce WordPress website companies. We do not just jump in and start creating, we will work closely with you to understand all your needs and suggest the best eCommerce platform that works for your kind of business.

We help you create a better eCommerce website by implementing specific eCommerce Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies, premium shopping cart experiences, and easy to navigate flow so your customers can get to their products and check out in a seamless way without any distractions.

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Powerful Features

You will leave money on the table if your eCommerce website design and development fails to implement the important features the right way. Your brand, offers, upsell, email subscription, distraction-free checkout process, product filters are all features that come with our basic eCommerce  WordPress website design that drives engagement and business growth.

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Secured payments

There are lots of bad guys out there, and as such people are very skeptical about using their bank or credit cards on your website. Our eCommerce WordPress web design and development will make sure you build trust with your customers and offers them a stress-free shopping experience. We will integrate your website with industry-leading payment systems to give you and your customers peace of mind.

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Most of your eCommerce customers are going to be using a mobile device to buy from you. We design your online store with a mobile-first approach. This way your customers can enjoy a premium shopping experience whether they shop on an Android, iOS, smartphone, or tablet device. Not only that, but we also ensure your eCommerce website is compatible with all the popular web browsers; Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge.

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SSL compliant website

Why will any one buy from you if your eCommerce website is not secured? In addition to using a secured online payment solution, our eCommerce website design & development experts will make sure a security layer is built on top of your online shop. All our eCommerce websites are SSL-compliant, bot protected, and are scanned daily for malware.

Common eCommerce FAQs

An eCommerce website is an online store that allows a user to pay for services and goods. The website captures the users data, order and payment details and sends to the merchant to fulfil the order. The products or services can be delivered in person or digitally.
eCommerce websites in principle works the say way as you will walk into a store to buy something.
  1. You visit a website and place your order
  2. The website captures and process your order details for delivery
  3. Your order is shipped by merchant or could be a digital download
  4. You receive your order
There a many features or components of an ecommerce website, but are the bar minimum, the website must have:
  • Web host (server)
  • Merchant interface (online store)
  • Product catalog
  • Shopping cart
  • Payment processing
  • Shipping
  • Tax calculation
  • Product reviews
  • High quality photos
  • Blog
The main difference between a website and an ecommerce site is that a website is an informational tool whereas an ecommerce site offers services and products, allow visitors to make payments over the internet.
You first need to figure out what online payment gateway you are going to use to process your payments. The popular ones are Paypal and Stripe. Depending on the ecommerce platform you choose, these online payment processors offer tools that can be integrated into your ecommerce website with a click of a button. You can also hire an eCommerce development agency like DigitalChores to implement customize online payments if the out-of-box options from say Paypal or Stripe doesn’t quite work for your online store.
An ecommerce solution is an online system that integratate a payment system and allows a website visitor to buy products or services online. Popular eCommerce systems are Shopity, Magento and WooCommerce.
We would have loved to just throw out a number out there, but that will be disingenuous on our part. Cost of an eCommerce website depends on so many variables. For a start, how many products are you going to have in your inventory? How many variations of product are there? CRM and email marketing? What type of customization do you need? Who is handling SEO? Based on the answers to the questions above an many more, an Ecommerce website can tart around $3,000 to over $50,000 for complex, large-scale websites.
To add ecommerce to your website, you need a platform like WooCommerce of Shopify. They will allow you to upload products, set price and process payments. If your website is built on WordPress, all you have to do is install the WooCommerce plugin. Before you do that, make sure your hosting service is set up to handle ecommerce functionality.
Ecommerce web hosting means a web hosting platform that is set up to allow you to sell on the internet and typically includes features like payment processing, shopping cart, SSL and many more. The reality is only the best ecommerce web hosting can guarantee success for your online store.
Depending on your store needs, the best eCommerce platforms are:

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