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A very cost-effective form of digital marketing is eMail marketing. Looking around us, we see the eMail marketing is on the rise and research confirms that email provides a greater return on investment (ROI) when it come to customer engagement. We also know that most people will quickly mark your email as spam or move to thrash when they realize you are constantly only trying to sell them something.

This is where DigitalChores comes in, we are an email marketing company that helps local and small businesses like yourself craft highly engaging email campaigns that stand out, make a great impression, and most importantly turn your email opens into sales.

Create eMail Campaigns That Get Results

Professional eMails Made Simple

Our comprehensive targeted email approach takes into account the needs your industry, and customers. Our eMail marketing services will help you grow your email list, develop an effective content plan that delivers relevant and relatable content to your email subscribers. We design simplistic and effective email templates that helps you save time.

Whether you want to send a welcome email to new subscribers or a promotional email to highlight your latest products or services, DigitalChores will help you find the right integrated approach. We create email marketing campaigns that promote brand loyalty and recognition while encouraging previous, current, and potential users to visit your website.

What Are The Benefits of DigitalChores Email Marketing Services?

” We didn’t realize how easy email marketing could be before engaging with DigitalChores. The team designed templates that helped us increased our online donations by 35% in about 6 months. Our annual gala and holiday campaign donations have improved drastically thanks to DigitalChores.”
Cassandra B. – Operations Manages, FOCOS (Foundation of Orthopedics and Complex Spine)

Common eMail Marketing FAQs

Email marketing allows you to communicate directly with your target market through effective targeted online campaigns. It serves as the vehicle of engagement with previous customers and acquisition of new customers as well. Effect Email campaigns keep your company in the minds of consumers while also expanding your reach.
Yes! The data shows that email marketing remains one of the most successful and cost-effective ways to reach customers. It is much more effective and efficient than social media marketing.
  1. Information emails – emails sent to announce an offer; upcoming sale, or event.
  2. Newsletter – These are sent on a regular; weekly or monthly and it includes a summary of curated content.
  3. Product or service update – These emails are to alert your customers about a new product or an update to an existing product. Keep these simple and straightforward.
  4. Transactional emails – Transactional emails are sent to one person at a time based on an action. Eg. News subscriber confirmation/welcome email

Most country’s email marketing laws stipulate that people need to give you permission to email them in order for you to send them campaigns. The definition of permission varies between each country’s laws, but there are generally two types of permission: implied permission and express permission.

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