5 Great Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your FQHC Website Design

We have compiled a list of FQHC website designs to help you create an online presence that meets the community’s needs.

Your FQHC website is usually the first stop for potential patients and members of the community. Creating a responsive design with interactive features that engage your visitors is a must because your ultimate goal is to inform and educate your community.

Great Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your FQHC Website Design

Publish and share content that adds value to the patient’s care

Your FQHC website should introduce potential patients to your facility, but it should not stop there. Including features like a blog, patient reviews, and social media feed allows you to serve both new and existing patients.

Consider creating blog posts on topics that are important to your patient population. The goal here is to provide them with answers so they do not rely on websites that not be trustworthy for their medical education. This is one of the easy ways to drive traffic to your website.

Feature patient testimonials

Yes, your FQHC website is about your facility and the care you offer, but that should not be the only type of content you present to website visitors. According to Inc. research, 96 percent of consumers do not trust brand advertising, so it’s very important to share patient testimonials to help humanize your website.

Patient testimonials attract new patients and establish your credibility through social proof. They help to alleviate doubts new patients may have.

Encourage newsletters sign-ups

Email marketing is a very cost-effective way to interact and engage with your patients and the community outside your campus. Keep existing patients updated about your location, policy updates, new services, health tips, and reminders about regular checkups. This really is a way to connect with your patient before their next visit.

According to OptinMonster, 99 percent of email users check their inbox every day, with some checking 20 times a day. Make it easy and obvious for your FQHC website visitors to find your newsletter. Have your sign-up call to action throughout or use a pop-up to highlight your newsletter sign-ups.

Optimize your FQHC websites for mobile

A great FQHC website must be mobile responsive. Research has shown that over 40 percent of visitors abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

In an effort to steer web designers to follow best practices, Google and other search engines have introduced mobile-first indexing. This simply means that if your website is not optimized for mobile, it will greatly affect your online search rankings.

As best practice is it recommended to ensure that the user experience of your website is the same across all devices – desktop, tablet, and mobile.

Implement appointment call-back request form

Even if you do not have an online scheduling tool, it is still recommended to make it easier for patients to request an appointment on your FQHC website. An appointment callback form can be as simple as a form with only 4 fields – full name, callback phone, services desired, and reason for the appointment.

The form captures the contact information and alerts your call center staff via email to get in touch with the patient as soon as possible

This will allow patients to request appointments at their own convenience.

Have questions about your FQHC website design? Feel free to reach out to us with all your questions!


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