How to Downgrade WooCommerce Plugin and Keep Your Data

How to Downgrade WooCommerce Plugin

As with most things life, desperate times call for desperate measures, and you will want to know how to downgrade WooCommerce plugin on your WordPress site. If you have a WordPress website then you know plugin conflicts are part of the daily routine of keeping your website running at it should. Whether it’s because there’s […]

Weekly Small Business News Roundup #7: Senate extends PPP loans for 2 months

national mom and pop business owner day

Hi folks, The third month of the year is almost over – just like that! Welcome to another weekly round-up news in the small business world. Enjoy reading! Monday, March 29th is National mom and pop business owner day! PPP loans are still available… Small businesses have 2 more months to apply for forgivable PPP […]

How To Add Text to Elementor Hamburger Menu Icon – Before and After

How To Add Text to Elementor Hamburger Menu

NOTE: Elementor Pro is required! Here is a quick and easy way to add text to elementor hamburger menu without using a plugin. If you would like to add a word such as “Menu” before the elementor hamburger menu icon good old CSS can get the job done! Add Text to Elementor Hamburger Menu Icon […]

Weekly News Round-Up #6: Isabella Casillas Is The New SBA Administrator

new sba administrator

Next insurance and Amazon partner to offer small business insurance… Amazon takes on business insurance with insurtech partnership (Business Insider) The US-based small business insurtech is easing Amazon Business Prime members’ access to a wide range of policies, including general liability and workers’ compensation, per PR Newswire. Founded in 2016, Next Insurance uses AI to tailor coverage […]

Lafayette Small Business Owners Ranks #2 In Lousiana Small Business Ownership

lafayette small business owners

A study by financial technology company SmartAsset has found the places in each state with the most small business owners. Using the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the US Census Bureau 2018 American Community Survey data, the analysis compares the number of tax returns that report small business income to the total tax-filing population of […]

Weekly Small Business News Roundup #4: Facebook Small Business Report

facebook small business report

Hello people, Welcome to another edition of this week’s weekly small business news round-up. The Facebook Small Business Report is out, and what does President Biden’s racial equity executive order means for you? Enjoy reading! Don’t forget about the #EmployeeRetentionCredit … How small businesses could be saving money with the Employee Retention Credit (WWMT) Semm […]

Weekly Small Business News Roundup #2: All About the PPP Loans

ppp loans

Hi everyone, Small Business things you should know: PPP and other ways to get relief, SBA relaunches cash grant program for these types of small businesses, and who is getting the most of the second round of the PPP loans? Happy reading! Hiring did not start strong in the new year … Small Businesses Report […]